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Online Program

¡Este programa de peso corporal de 6 semanas en casa lanzará su entrenamiento de peso corporal al siguiente nivel! Vas a desarrollar fuerza, músculos y explosividad INCREÍBLES, y mejorarás tu movilidad / flexibilidad, todo con un equipo mínimo en la comodidad de tu hogar.

6 Week |Online Program

This program is 6 weeks long for men and women who are looking for guidance to working out in the comfort of their own home or in the gym. This program is suitable for any fitness level looking to shred body fat, tone, or build up muscle. 

Program offers easy to follow workout videos Monday-Friday for 6weeks. You will also have access to both Home and Gym Programs. Workouts change weekly to keep you going! A meal plan is included with this program to help you stay on track with your meals, along with supplement guidance.  

Home Programs: 

- Shred Program is for men/women who are looking to shred fat. Perfect for those wanting to workout at home. Modifications are shown for those that need low impact exercises. Dumbbells, stepper, yoga mat are needed to perform these workouts. 


- Body Pump Program is for men/women looking to get fitter and stronger. Great for those wanting to tone and build up muscle. Workouts can be done at home. Dumbbells (2-3 sets), stepper, yoga mat are needed to perform these workouts. 

Gym Programs:

- Women's Gym Program is ideal for ladies looking for gym workout routines. This program is designed to shred fat,  increase lean muscle and strength throughout your entire body! Large gym equipment, free weights, barbells, etc. will be used for these workouts. 


    6 week prgram
    Valido para 6 semanas
    • Home/Gym Workouts
    • Meal Plan
    • Fat loss+ Toning and Muscle Growth
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