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Garage Warriors

4 Week Garage Program is designed for anyone looking to get maximum results with those most commonly used equipment in your very own garage. You can expect to be challenged with strength, Hiit, and cardiovascular training to whip you into shape. 

Great for first responders who need functional fitness to keep them conditioned and ready for duty! Or if you're an aspiring law enforcement officer, military service member, firefighter, or paramedic this program will prepare you for your physical readiness tests and your training academy. 

Equipment Needed: Barbell, Slam Ball, Dumbbells, Kettlebell, Stepper/Box

Bench/Squat Rack preferred but optional

Program Includes:

- 5 workouts per week for 4 weeks

(access to program for you to reuse for 16 weeks)

- Meal plan guides to aid you in your nutritional needs


$130 USD

(Current or retired First Responders/Military Service Members with proof of employment or credentials will receive a $30 discount)

Select Plan


    4 Week Program
    Valid for 16 weeks
    • Program includes 5 workouts per week for 4 weeks
    • Access to workouts to re-use for 16 weeks
    • Consists of strength, HIIT, & cardiovascular training
    • Includes meal guide for nutritional guidance
    • Designed for anyone looking for garage workout equipment
    • Great for aspiring law enforcement, military, fire fighter..
    • Functional Fitness to keep you conditioned!
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